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Musical Theatre Instructor

GODESIREE is a performing arts professional in Hong Kong with 19 years of performing arts experience in Hong Kong and the UK.

She currently teaches at the Grade 7 and 8 drama programme at the Harbour School, an international school in Hong Kong. She currently leads dance programmes with the Hong Kong Youth Arts Foundation.

Godesiree has taught dance and drama programmes at Studio 12, Faust International Youth Theatre, KGV School, South Island School, West Island School, Malvern
College, Hong Kong Academy, NCIC in Shenzhen, CCC Rotary Secondary School, PMQ, International Social Services (ISS), Lisa B Dance Academy, amongst others.

She is an awardee of the Hong Kong Arts Development Council's Cultural Bursary, and worked at the Sage Gateshead in the UK, a world-class performing arts venue. Desiree judged NOVA dance competition and Glee competition at Sha Tin
College and EOMD at KGV School. She was the production manager of the Hong Kong Theatre Association and produced La Perruche and HKTA on Film.


She trained with the City Contemporary Dance Company's Wudaoqingnian scholarship programme, at Dancecity in the UK and Hotstepper in Denmark. She is
also a certified yoga teacher. She is a performer with the Harmonics Choir in Hong Kong.

Godesiree's choreography "Plastic Soup" was commissioned by the Jackie Chan Charitable Foundation and premiered at the Hong Kong Eco Film Festival in 2018. “Pocketful of Poetry" was featured in the Tees Dance Film Festival in the UK, the UDance Festival at Theatre Royal and the Athens Video Dance Project in Greece.

She is excited to be partnering with O’Pine Studio to bring the joy of drama,
dance and music to the community.

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