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O'Pine Studio

Member Get Member

Invite your friends to join our class and earn 5% off for your next studio package!

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O'Pine Studio


Rewards Go Both Ways. Share what you love and get rewards!

Invite a friend to join our class (regular classes, workshops or courses)  and earn 5% off your next package.


1. Referrer has to hold an active credit package or participate in any of our courses or workshops.

2. Referee has to be a new client at O'Pine Studio. (A client who has attended any of our classes does not consider a new client).

3. The referrer/referee is responsible for notifying us and claiming the reward before or upon the class.

5. Any rewards claimed after the referee has attended the class will be invalid.

6. The 5% discount can only be used on the purchase of the studio package.

7. Unlimited number of receiving the reward.

8. The Member Get Member rewards cannot be accumulated.

9. Only one Member Get Member reward can be held per account, and a new reward can be claimed until it runs out.

10. In case of any dispute, O'Pine Studio reserves the right to a final explanation.

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