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Musical Theatre program provides a mix of acting, drama and speech classes for ages 5-8 (Junior) and 9-12 (Senior), offering an opportunity for young voices to discover music through play, drama, songs, musical theatre and familiar pop tunes and props.

This is a 8-week course consisting of 1 x 1.5 hour class a week. A performance will be showcased in the last session. Parents are welcome to come and watch the show.

Fees: $3800 / $3400|8 sessions

1.5 hours|1 class per week

Max Availability: 10

Age: 5 - 12 years

Language: English



Fees are HKD3400 for ages 5-8 and HKD$3800 for ages 9-12. All fees include weekly rehearsals, classes and performance materials. 

Early Bird Discount HKD3000 for ages 5-8 / HKD3800 for ages 9-12

Trial Class fees are HKD425/class for ages 5-8 and HKD475/class for ages 9-12. Trial class fees can be waived when purchasing the whole term on the same day of the trial class. (Trial class can only be taken on the first day of the course.)


All performers wear a comfortable sportswear to rehearsals. O'Pine Studio is a shoes off space, in order to protect the feets or/and legs, all performers required to wear indoor shoes at all times.


Costumes are provided by the O'Pine Studio for all performances.  Students may be required to supply basic items (black pants, blue jeans, etc.) depending on repertoire, and will be expected to supply all appropriate underwear and hosiery.

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