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We run interactive and immersive storytelling class for kids from ages 3 - 5. We believe in teaching kids about the power of their ideas and creative thinking to set them up for a successful future.

We want to inspire kids to become storytellers, and to build their confidence in expressing the ideas of their imagination in order to connect, affect change, and put positive ideas into the world.


Course Features:


  • Kids will learn the technical and creative art of storytelling in a fun and interactive way. 

  • Our programme help kids to find their voice and build confidence in their ideas and expressing them.

  • Kids will learn to use the vocabulary and sentence patterns

  • Help kids to build up a reading habit

Fees: $920|4 sessions

1 hour|1 class per week

Max Availability: 8

Age: 3 - 5 years

Language: English




Fees are HKD920 for the Creative Storytelling Course. 

Early Bird Discount HKD800 for the Creative Storytelling Course (Paid before 31 MAY)

Trial Class fees are HKD230/class. Trial class fees can be waived when purchasing the whole term on the same day of the trial class.

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