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Latin Dance Instructor

Born in Saipan, raised in Hong Kong, and trained in Asia and Europe, Venus Ho is a Professional Latin dancer with an abundance of international exposure. Her international background has shaped her into a unique dance teacher who inspires students in different ways. Actively competing around Asia, she has achieved success by becoming champion in several competitions.


Venus started teaching in Hong Kong ten years ago. Not only is she experienced in teaching Latin dance techniques and styling, she is also experienced in choreographing for students and preparing them for shows and competitions. Venus enjoys teaching both beginners and advanced dancers. She believes that with the right mindset and attitude, it’s never too late to learn to dance or even just improve.


Venus holds a strong belief that to be able to dance naturally and express the music through our bodies freely, one must learn the proper techniques and have a good foundation in dancing. Hence, her lessons incorporate several elements, such as body mechanics and the use of muscles as well as posture and alignment. These elements all lead to a better foundation in Latin dance which can help both first-timers and experienced dancers.

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