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[Simplicité] Angelica Lip Care Balm (SPF10)  20g

Discover a best-selling balm with the Angelica Lip Care Balm; an ultra-hydrating formula that cares for skin using premium organic, vegan and raw ingredients.


About Simplicité

Simplicité Natural Skin Care is an ethical skin care brand renowned for results since 1992. Our gentle, luxurious and highly nutritive products give magnificent skin at any age.


Why is Simplicité different?

Simplicité isn't just another natural or organic skin care range. The quality, combinations and synergy of plant extracts in our products are unique and must be experienced in order to feel and smell the beauty; and to find results for concerns such as early ageing, sun damage, sensitivity, redness, hyperpigmentation, congestion and acne.


Simplicité is the go-to if you’re tired of using skin care that doesn’t work, if you’ve struggled - perhaps even thinking ‘that’s just how my skin is’.

Crammed with pure, potent and organic ingredients, some of which grow naturally on our wild bush farm in Queensland’s Lockyer Valley, the Simplicité range strengthens skin - gives it the nutrients it needs to easily resist and overcome common issues. 


Cruelty Free and Vegan Friendly Skin Care

Simplicité Skin Care is very proud to be an officially accredited cruelty-free company with both Choose Cruelty Free Limited and Peta Beauty without Bunnies.


These accreditations mean that NOT A SINGLE ONE of Simplicité's products or ingredients has been tested on animals.


Also, most of Simplicité's products are accredited with Choose Cruelty Free and PETA as being suitable for vegans.

[Simplicité] Angelica Lip Care Balm (SPF10) 20g

    • Avocado – enhances deep moisture levels.
    • Green Oats – hydrates skin dried by the elements; helps reduce signs of premature ageing.
    • Angelica & Echinacea – active against Herpes ‘cold sore’ virus, inhibit spread of bacteria though cell walls.
    • Cruelty Free - Not Tested On Animals
    • Vegan Friendly 
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